Thorough Commentary on the DINAR . . .

It has been a while, but I did not want to repeat myself, give false hope, or just echo what is flying about on the internet.

Today, I read a blog from a friend that was quite encouraging and I want to share with you all my viewpoint.

It is very important to understand how something could be made from nothing. I heard a famous money advisor on the radio this week saying the dinar was a scam, based on the uncertainty of the Iraqi government and the current value of the dinar. Under normal economic circumstances, this is ABSOLUTELY correct. Today, we have no normal circumstance whatsoever, so all bets are off. The Euro is about to implode, the third largest economy in Europe is collapsing, and the funds for illegal banking are being frozen.

The dinar was created to print wealth. If I give you a dollar for a loaf of bread, you now understand that things similar to loaf of bread cost a dollar. That dollar is then traded to other things for about the same value. If secretly, I have a printing press in my garage that spits out dollars, I can spend those dollars for things also of a similar value. However, if I print too many dollars on my press, the neighbors may grow weary of me buying all their stuff. The demand for dollars drops. This is called inflation.

To combat inflation and create value out of nothing, all I have to do is get everyone to use my dollars and not use anyone else's. The ultimate goal would be to get the world to use my dollars. Then I could never spend too much, because there would be an enormous demand for my dollars. This is precisely what the Federal Reserve has done since 1913.

Over the last ten years, however, the world has reached its capacity for dollars. Those holding them, must keep them tied up or the value would drop to near zero. So the plan is to trade dollars amongst the privileged, while maintaining high demand if possible from the economy. Thus, the economy must be kept dollar poor to keep the demand high. In the backdrop, those with the press have printed quadrillions of dollars simply by making entries on a computer screen, and funneled it into strategic bank accounts. Those account owners know that releasing too much money at once will devalue their own holdings and reveal who they are. It is a vicious circle.

Asset backed wealth is the antidote. It cannot be revalued easily because the supply is limited and the demand is steady or growing. It cannot be created at will, but requires a production and the economic engine to gather together. I predict that the current economy will never be restored until the move to asset backed wealth is made.The currency could be gold or silver or toenails or belly button lint. I don't care which. It just can't be paper. Some of you need to take my Class 201 - Paper Mache Castles.

If you are still tracking me, there was a time when the current system really took off. After the surrender of Japan took place on the USS Missouri in late 1945, a secret agreement was made. The right to print the money in Japan was given over to a wing of the the Agency. The asset backed wealth was put into reserve, and eventually turned over to an international holding bank. Prior to that in China, the reserve of gold was shipped to America for "safe keeping" and bonds were printed in the Philippines as a promise to repay. They did this to avoid Japan looting their wealth. These reserves of asset backed wealth were looted by the banking cabal instead, as it was rising to power and taking advantage of the effects of the war. There are always winners and losers.

When China's loan came due, China demanded the delivery of the gold. The western bankers would not return it and my guess is that much of it was lost to private accounts and reserves when they were supposed to be keeping it safe. They were given 50 years to steal it, and so they did. China complained to the international court and won. Much of the gold and paperwork concerning this repayment was kept in the twin towers....and now we are into conspiracy. I will leave it at that... but no one can review the evidence that is out there now and not determine that there is much more to 9/11 that what the news told us.

Nevertheless, these Asian reserves are vast and not limited to what was stolen over the years. They are the collections from dynasties, hidden in huge reserves in Asia and elsewhere. The Federal Reserve did not steal it all, but when there has been a release of these assets, great attempts have been made to steal it. If you think about the $2~3 trillion USD that China is holding today, you have to recognize the quandary that China is in. They are sitting on vast assets, which they cannot move for fear of being stolen, and the money they are holding is US dollars, which if they spend it now its value will collapse faster than they can spend it. I don't think that is much of an exaggeration. Thus, enter the dinar. It is merely a vehicle to get US dollars transferred from the holdings of the banking elite to the main street. It is driven by international interests to jump start the economy and get liquidity back in the hands of the people who will spend it to live.

You had to make this currency vehical cheap or else no normal person could afford to invest much. It had to be available, which is why so much was shipped to the US and elsewhere. You had to make the gain big, because giving a few dollars to anyone would have no impact on fixing things. Then you had to force the banks to revalue it. The enemy holds the control over that button. Why would they push the button willingly? They wouldn't. Their toxic paper was made toxic on purpose, to be bought for a song and held long enough to allow the default to take place. Foreclosures are up again in November, on purpose.

So the good guys, who used to be the bad guys according to our news and good guys, are forcing the hand of the banks. It is getting serious and will eventually come to pass. Hang in there. Keep in mind that it is now known by most governments around the world that this banking control is intentional and deliberately focused on controlling assets and existing wealth. This is why you see defectors now in European governments and the inability of the elite to rectify the money problems. It is also why you saw people being arrested for closing their accounts in the big banks during the occupy protests. It is why you saw Obama levying a Christmas Tree tax, (they are desperate). It is why there is this general disgust for America amongst the nations. It is not America, however, but those who represent their own banking and money interests. The world is waking up. The house of cards is falling down.

Strong international powers sent Interpol into the United States, starting in 2010. There were like 7 plane loads of international police that came here to audit the Fed. This is not our government being audited, but the private banking system that controls every politician. They were deputized by the President, but I believe this was his hand being forced. The executive order is #12425 if you care to research it. When the Fed was recently audited, it was discovered that like $16 Trillion was given out to special interests and foreign banks. When you understand that, you know that they do not wish to get the economy going again and release all the debtors. Plain and simple. Conspiracy? No, not really. It is about greed and control. If you on main street prosper, their machine collapses. It has taken a lot of work to get you in this position without you knowing it.

This Executive Order above is the president being drug along kicking and screaming. The release of these police in the US has uncovered much of the illegal banking practices, the false flag attacks, the phony war stories, and so forth. Many of the trusted leaders are going to jail soon and many Americans are going to feel quite foolish for being on the wrong side. Doesn't matter which political affiliation you are. 2012 promises to be a dramatic year, so believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Hopefully you do that already.

I still strongly maintain that the dinar will be revalued. It is not a matter of investment. Don't call it that, because it is not. There is no investment that repays 3000 to 1 in normal circumstances. The dinar was created for the sole purpose of transferring wealth and to create a windfall tax for the US government. It was planned from the beginning. It will not be decided by the Iraqi government and it will not depend on some law to be passed. Those are all distractions. This will take place when the timing is right those who are blocking it are out of the way.

It is close now, keep watch..Interpol is about to make some moves behind the scenes. You will see these come out as scandals and offenses of the crazy kind. Don't get tangled up in any of it. The agency has a dossier on everyone in Washington. It is simply a matter of time.


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